E-PDS.Bihar.gov.in Login: Apply, Registration, Eligibility, Download Ration Card

E-PDS is a vital government policy in Bihar. This portal is used for the distribution of food and grains for the people of Bihar. Anyone willing for E-PDS can apply for it through the official site. This portal contributes to the food economy in Bihar. The commodities and goods are distributed for households and families in society. There are many advantages when applying for E-PDS. Applicants can modify their old rations cards into new digital cards through this portal. Now let us see how to log in, register and use this portal. 

The login details of E-PDS Bihar 

EPDS Bihar Login Registration Eligibility

The official website to login and register your ration card is EPDS.Bihar.gov.in. To login in this port, you need to enter login ID, User ID and password. If you are logging in for the first time, then enter new login details. This port is only useful for the people living in Bihar. Other state individuals cannot create digital ration cards with this site. This free ration card scheme or registration for new ration cards is possible through this online portal. This digitized ration card can be used for buying subsidies such as wheat, rice, oil, sugar and other government subsidies. 

Registration of online ration card 

There are several ration card applications on the official website. You can fill the application either in an online or offline method. Before downloading the application, you need to register and certify the process. The site will ask you to enter the registered mobile number that you entered in the login process. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Validate the OTP and download the application or start filling it online. From the below topic, you can know the steps to fill the ration card online. 

How to apply for ration card online 

  1. Use the Bihar government site to apply for ration card online. Before applying, you need to enter login details. Create a new user ID and password for login. When logging, enter the right captcha to register. 
  2. The next step is to fill in the required details in the E-form. You need to enter the name, residential, contact and other fundamental details. 
  3. For a new digital ration card, you need to submit the mandatory digital documents. All these proofs must be valid and clear. The scanner available in the site can help you to scan and submit the documents. If the documents are proper, then the digital ration card process will be quick. 
  4. Your digital signature is also important when submitting the ration card application. 
  5. You will receive a message on whether the application is successfully submitted or not.  

The eligibility criteria to avail ration cards 

The digital ration cards are in the control of the state government. If you want to apply for a ration card in Bihar, then you need to be eligible for it. The eligibility criteria for digital ration cards are the same all over the country. Let us see who are all eligible and what are the documents required for the process.

  • The permanent residents of India who do not have ration cards can apply for the digital card. It is also possible to convert your existing card into digital format. 
  • New families or new family members can get a digital ration card. 
  • For your application to be eligible, it is important to submit certain documents. 
  • It is important to provide details saying that you don’t have a ration card. If you are applying for a digital ration card, then submit a copy of the existing ration card. 
  • Address proof and identity proof is necessary. Your house document, Adhaar card, license, PAN card, bank passbook comes under this category. 
  • A postcard containing a stamp and your address is required.
  • You need to attach three passport size photos in digital format. If the photo is not in the proper format, then it cannot be uploaded. Also, a current family photo is necessary. 
  • Information about previous ration card application or reason for rejection. 
  • Provide your LPG gas details or documents. 
  • Contact details are highly important. The form asks two numbers, that is the telephone and another mobile number. Enter the registered mobile number. If you want to get updates about your digital ration card, then enter a valid Email-ID. 
  • If you want to modify certain details in your existing card, then choose the ration card renewal option. If you want to add or remove any family member, then submit their details such as marriage, birth or transfer certificate. 

The methods to download E-PDS

The official website mentioned above is useful for all the E-PDS related questions. For proper benefits, use this authentic port. Follow these steps to download E-PDS in Bihar. The site helps to download your existing ration card in digital format. Let us see the steps to download it. 

  1. The first step is to visit the food and supplies portal in Bihar. Below the site, there is an option known as RCMS. Click the option, and it will redirect you to the ration card report page. 
  2. You can see a dialogue box asking district details. You can enter your district in Bihar to know the report.   
  3. The next option is to choose whether you belong to the urban or rural part of Bihar. You need to choose this option from the displayed table. 
  4. The next step is to enter the sub-district area in the form. Choose the right sub strict area to proceed to the next step. 
  5. Now select the ration shop in your area. You need to select a shop that you are a member of. 
  6. After clicking the NPC option on the screen, you can see the list of names with ration card numbers. Search for your name or card no. To download the ration card. You can use the print option to download your E-PDS. 


The Bihar government has made applying for the digital ration card an easy process. You can follow the above steps to apply for E-PDS properly. Also, after approval, download the digital ration card using the official site. 


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