E-PDS Haryana Login: How to Register, Apply, Eligibility 

The ration card is offered to eligible families by the Haryana government. These public distributions in the state help every individual to get grains and subsidies. Normally, the ration cards are issued based on the number of family members. According to the need, goods are supplied for the individuals. The PDS includes items such as rice, kerosene, sugar and wheat. To register for the card, certain documents need to be submitted compulsorily. The 2020 application for PDS is different. The E-PDS option is available for all the individuals in the state. In this article, you can see how to log in, apply and register for E-PDS in Haryana. 

The login process 

For applying for the E-PDS, you need to login to the official website given by the Haryana government. To log in, you need to enter name details and other ration details in the page. Do not visit the third party website to do this. To get the official website, you can search the health and food supply department in the state. After going to the site, you need to click on “PDS portal”. This portal will redirect you to the E-PDS tab. You can select the state in which you need to apply for the ration card. You can select the district to know about the ration shops available in Haryana. 

Follow these steps to register for E-PDS online. 

Applying for PDS in the electronic format is very beneficial. The process is even quicker and easier than applying for it physically. Follow the below steps to apply E-PDS online in Haryana. 

  • When you search for the official food and civil supplies in Haryana, you can find the “https://haryanafood.gov.in/”. This official site helps you to apply for PDS in an electronic method effortlessly. 
  • After visiting the site, you can see its homepage. In the page click the “Anthayodhaya Saral” option to proceed. 
  • As mentioned above, first-time users need to log in. The page may ask you to enter the name, mobile number and email ID for log in. 
  • If you have already registered, then enter your name and password to open the portal. 
  • In the Anthayodhaya Saral portal click the “apply for other services” button. 
  • Under this, you can see many PDS services options. You can correct the ration card, modify the details and apply for a new card. 

E-PDS application process

To apply for E-PDS online, you need to click the official form of E-PDS available on the site. 

  • To download the form, the site may send you a “One time password”. The OTP number will be sent to the registered mobile number. This is important for verification purposes. 
  • After verification, you can see two options in the portal. You can get a new digital application for an existing ration card. The second option is to apply for a new digital ration card. 
  • To apply for a new ration card, you need to click the “new ration card link”. The form will contain questions such as your district, municipality, post office, residential address and pin code details. All these details should be valid. Also, fill the details without any mistake. 
  • The main details required for new E-PDS is your Date of Birth, Aadhar no., EPIC and PAN details. All these are compulsory to apply for the new ration card.
  • The next step is to enter the right address for the delivery of the card. Now click the review option and recheck the entered details. If everything is correct, then click the “Submit” button. 
  • To change an existing ration card in a digital format, you can follow the same procedure. You need to enter the ration card number to make changes in your existing card. You need to select the members for whom you need a digital E-PDS copy. You can even download the E-PDS application on the site. 
  • The Haryana government online portal allows you to track the status of your E-PDS application. For this click the tracking option in the official site. By entering the registered mobile number, you can receive updates about the status. 

The eligibility criteria to apply for E-PDS 

The ration card is essential to proof for any citizen in India. When applying for E-PDS, you can buy a new Sim card. Ration card is an important proof for driver’s license and passports. Moreover, the ration card can provide you with food and subsidies supplied by the Haryana government. The permanent residents of Haryana can only apply for E-PDS. All the households who do not have a digital ration card can apply for it. Couples starting a new family can apply for the E-PDS in the state. When applying E-PDS, you need to have these documents to be eligible. 

  1. Address proof of the individual is required when applying for E-PDS. You can submit residential documents such as driver’s license, Voter ID and Adhaar card. All these documents should be scanned and submitted. Tenancy proof is also required for address proof. 
  2. Submit a copy of age proof. Your birth certificate, Adhaar card or Voter ID are some of the documents you need to scan and submit. 
  3. Caste certificate needs to be submitted. 
  4. For E-PDS application, identify proof is very important. For this, you can submit Adhaar card, Voter ID and PAN document. 
  5. The income proof of your entire family member is required. 
  6. With every E-PDS application, there should be a passport size photo attached. Ensure that the photo is a recent one.
  7. Submit the valid contact details and Email ID.
  8. The past electrical bills are required to apply for this form. 
  9. Gas and bank documents are required. 
  10. A self-declaration certificate signed by a councillor or any official in Haryana is required. 

There are four types of ration cards in Haryana. The government will provide a ration card based on your family’s income. To receive the ration card you need to fill the E-PDS without any mistakes. A valid application will be easily processed. 


The official food supplies website of the Haryana government is authentic to apply for E-PDS. Follow the above steps to register and apply for a ration card in Haryana.