Ration Mitra Login: How To Register, Apply, Eligibility, Beneficiary Family Verification & Services

Ration Mitra is the food and supplies department in Madhya Pradesh. Ration Mitra is an attempt to move manual ration cards into digital cards. This smart electronic ration card is extremely useful for the people in Madhya Pradesh. This food security portal helps you to apply for new digital ration cards. Ration Mitra offers several services to the citizens of MP. This portal offers various ration card services such as new ration card, updating existing ration card, beneficiary management and tracking E-PDS form. Let us see how to apply and register for Ration Mitra services. 

How to login for Ration Mitra 

The demographic information such as name, address, number, email id, gender, and date of birth is required to login the Ration Mitra portal. Other information, such as the photo and documents are required in the application process. The Ration Mitra provides several ration card services. You can apply for a new online or convert an existing ration card in digital format. 

The step by step instruction for registration and application

  1. There is an official website that provides a portal to create a new application or update ration card information. First, open this government ration card portal. This port was introduced to offer services to customers who are applying for a ration card. There are lots of uses of this website as any complaint or enrollment of ration cards can be posted. 
  1. While opening the page in the home screen, there will be three main options displayed, that is digital ration card application, existing ration card update and also beneficiary services. 
  1. Out of the main menu options click on the E-PDS application form. 
  1. This option will redirect you to another new page where you can see a link that contains the official application. The form contains questions such as your district name, bank details, license number, mobile number, caste documents and educational qualification. 
  1. This page is developed to place a petition or to file a request for the new E-ration card or to know beneficiary details. After filing the required details, click the Proceed button at the bottom of the page.
  1. This proceed button will redirect you to the original link where you can make changes and update your information.
  1. In this page, the person who has requested for a new ration card should first submit valid documents. To validate this request, you will receive an OTP. This one-time password will be sent to the registered mobile number by Ration Mitra. The OTP generated at request is valid only for fifteen minutes. If more than 15 minutes have passed, the person can request a new OTP.
  1. Now, enter the correct OTP so that you can log in.
  1. This page will display all the information that can be updated, such as date, name, address, gender now put a tick mark on the information which you want to update and submit this form.
  1. If all the information is entered correctly, then you can click proceed. However, ensure and cross-check whether there is no mistake. If you find any mistake, click on the modify button.
  1. You may now have to scan the necessary document through QR code and upload the documents. Once everything is done, click on the submit button.
  1. You may now get a completed notification when the process is finished. The same procedure applies to register beneficiary family verification services in Ration Mitra. After when everything is over never forget to log out.

Prove the eligibility with valid documents 

To receive the services provided Ration Mitra, the applicant needs to disclose the essential documents. All these documents should be scanned and submitted at the time of filling the application. The important documents that need to be disclosed are as follows. 

The identity proof 

To receive the Ration Mitra services the identified proofs are required. You can submit Voter ID, bank Passbook, passport or driver’s license as the identity proof. Before submitting the documents, scan it through the “scan document option.”

The residential proof 

Address proof is very important to avail services from Ration Mitra. The portal mainly provides services related to ration cards and beneficiary. If you are applying for a new digital ration card, then the residential proof is mandatory. You can submit your house telephone bill, electricity Bill or Adhaar card as an address proof. All these documents should contain your current residential address. 

Other relevant documents 

A family photo is required for a new digital ration card. The photo must be in the format that is mentioned in the portal. Other family member related documents are required for the process. The income document of the family, LPG documents and other family details and documents need to be submitted. 

The beneficiary family verification and services of Ration Mitra 

Ration Mitra provides the details of ration subsidies provided to the families. According to the family count and income, the card is issued. The citizens in Madhya Pradesh can click the beneficiary family verification option to check the details.

  • To know about the family eligibility details, you can select the tab that says “family Details”. This tab provides complete information about eligible families. It also contains a list of families and the required information.
  • The efficient working beneficiary system of Ration Mitra makes the ration card information visible to the public. All the information about verification, card type and eligibility for family members is displayed here. 
  • The list contains beneficiary information of all the families in your regions. You need to search out your name to see the updates. 
  • Rather than providing personal messages about your card status, this official portal saves time by generation ration card details of your family. 
  • There are also mobile tracking options available in Ration Mitra; this way, you can track all the PDS related details through this feature.  


The food security portal Ration Mitra offers every detail about subsidies and ration card details of citizens in Madhya Pradesh. The portal contains menus and tabs for you to choose the required online service. You can register and apply for these services to know details about the ration card. Also, the beneficiary management system can help you to check ration details about every family member. 

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